Kitchener South – Hespeler

Your candidate is Melissa Baumgaertner. She can be reached at

Melissa was born in Kitchener at St. Mary’s hospital, back when they still delivered babies. She
grew up in the region. Cambridge, Elmira, Waterloo, and from the age of ten she grew up in the
Kitchener South – Hespeler riding, in Laurentian Hills. Her family has been in the riding for over
30 years, and she’s also a current resident.

After graduating from Cameron Heights Collegiate in 1998, Melissa moved to Toronto for post-
secondary and ultimately graduated from Seneca College in 2001 (Travel & Tourism –

Hospitality). She spent 6 years living in Alberta, building a career in restaurant and event
management. Two years were spent living in Calgary, and for four years she lived in Canmore
during which time she worked in Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise.
In 2011, Melissa moved back to Ontario. She worked in software shortly after returning, and did
extensive travelling throughout the US, Caribbean, and Central America, as a part of that
position. She has done extensive travelling throughout Canada and Europe in the last 10 years.
Since planting roots, Melissa has been working in the wellness industry at clinics in the area,
and is currently studying for her holistic nutrition designation. Helping people is her passion.
As we’ve all been going through these trying times here in Canada, Melissa has become more
and more concerned about the direction our government is moving in. That being the case, she
befriended some like-minded people within the PPC and was ultimately asked to apply as a
candidate. Her intention was never to enter into politics, but she feels very strongly about what’s
happening right now, and cares very much about our community.
Melissa is passionate about making a difference, and is truly humbled to be the PPC candidate
for Kitchener South – Hespeler. If elected, she’s ready to give this her all, and take the fight to